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We are a dedicated E-commerce Design Studio based in Jakarta with an outstanding reputation for quality. With over a decade of experience, Goodcommerce is an energetic, fresh and vibrant team offering creative talent, industry knowledge and extremely high standards.


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Who Are We?

We are Goodcommerce that aim to build a good ecommerce as easy as possible for clients especially towards the uniqueness of Indonesia's clients and ultimately help clients to expand and generate more revenue.
Our vision is to be the leading company who provides and delivers the best ecommerce solution that understands and satisfies customers and our mission is to ensure that our products have an outstanding quality that ultimately will help customers’ business to grow further.

Why ecommerce?

You may ask why are we so into E-commerce in Indonesia? Here’s why:

1. E-commerce in Indonesia is expected to grow big

According to Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA), E-commerce specialized on B2C (Business to Consumer) is predicted to reach the number of $16 B or equal to 216.7 trillion Rupiah in 2020 which indicates the huge potential of e-commerce in Indonesia.

2. Number of smartphone and internet users will leverage E-commerce industry

The number of smartphone and internet users also contribute on the growing of E-commerce industry, according to statista (2016) both smartphone and internets users in Indonesia are constantly raising up. With both factors growing up, e-commerce itself will have a better chance to grow further in Indonesia.

How E-Commerce could transform your business?

You might be curious how E-commerce could help you in your business?

1. Access to Bigger Market

By having your own ecommerce website, you will be able to showcase your products and provides a disclosure to the millions of visitors on the web. If your products are demonstrated on a website, it gives you the chance to showcase and attract numerous people who access the internet and are looking for similar product as yours and ultimately your profits can be increased.

2. Time and Convenience

Time has been a critical factor nowadays. By having an online store, customers can save the hassle of going to the store physically every time. Customers will be able to easily pay a visit to your online store at their own convenient time. You also will have a 24X7 online store to bring in your customers anytime of the day.

3. Cost Effective

Building a physical store, hiring staff, maintaining store will definitely cost money that generally will cost quite some fortune. On the contrary by having an ecommerce website, it will help you to reduce those overhead expenses and reducing advertisement fee since you can do your own ads through the website.

4. Quick Decision Making

With e-commerce platform by your side, you can measure your website stats through analytics feature that eventually will help you to make a FASTER and BETTER decision based on the data provided on the website.

Lets make a good commerce

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